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Inpatient Alternatives

Crisis Respite
When helping an individual experiencing a mental health emergency, the top priority is safety for all involved in the least restrictive environment for the individual. Not every crisis requires hospitalization. Spindletop Center contracts with The Wood Group to provide Crisis Respite services. Crisis respite treatment involves hourly or 24-hour mental health care that is usually short-term and most appropriate for individuals at risk of a more intensive crisis due to a housing challenge or severe stressors but at low risk of harm to themselves and others. Respite provides a safe environment where individuals can get the support they need to reduce stressors and continue their recovery journey. 

Crisis Residential
Spindletop Center also contracts with The Wood Group to provide residential crisis services. Residential treatment involves 24-hour short-term crisis stabilization treatment care in a safe environment with moderate monitoring and reassessment to ensure safety. Residential treatment is appropriate for individuals experiencing a mental health crisis that cannot be stabilized in the home, community, or respite setting but is not intensive enough to require inpatient hospitalization. Treatment in the residential setting includes person-centered, trauma-informed care in a structured environment. Individuals may participate in one-on-one interventions, group activities, and crisis follow-up care. 

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24-Hour Toll-Free Crisis Hotline: 1(800)937-8097

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