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Attentive Therapist
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Adult Mental Health Services

It’s not uncommon to feel sad, anxious, or angry from time to time. But when these and other feelings and symptoms begin to overwhelm you or disrupt your daily life, it may be time to seek help. One in five adults in the U.S. will experience a mental health condition, and asking for help from a trusted professional is the first step to improving your quality of life.
Some common signs and symptoms in adults may include:

  • Excessive worry or fear

  • Feeling excessively sad or low

  • Confused thinking or problems concentrating

  • Extreme mood changes

  • Prolonged or strong feelings of irritability or anger

  • Avoiding friends and social activities

  • Changes in sleeping habits or feeling tired and low energy

  • Changes in eating habits such as increased hunger or lack of appetite

  • Difficulty perceiving reality (delusions or hallucinations, in which a person experiences and senses things that don't exist in objective reality)

  • Overuse of substances like alcohol or drugs

  • Multiple physical ailments without obvious causes (such as headaches, stomach aches, vague and ongoing “aches and pains”)

  • Thinking about suicide

  • Inability to carry out daily activities or handle daily problems and stress


Intake Locations & Hours
409) 839-1063

Spindletop Center South Campus 2750 S. 8th St, Beaumont, TX 

Monday - Friday, 8AM - 5PM

Phone: (409) 839-1000

Fax: (409) 839-1066

Spindletop Center - SCOPC

3407 57th Street Port Arthur, TX 77640

Monday - Friday, 8AM - 5PM

Phone: (409) 813-8300
Fax: (409) 983-6139

Spindletop Center - OOPC

4305 N. Tejas Pkway Orange, TX

Monday - Friday, 8AM - 5PM

Phone: (409) 883-7074

Fax: (409) 883-7076

Spindletop Center - Silsbee

222 E. Durdin Dr, Silsbee, TX

Monday - Friday: 8AM - 5PM

Phone: (409) 880-4600

How We Help

Spindletop Center offers a variety of mental health services for eligible individuals. The center also offers specialty services for those who qualify. Program eligibility for certain services varies, being based upon assessments and current availability. Individuals receiving Spindletop Center services will have access to a recovery team who will work collaboratively with the individual to determine what services and supports they need to achieve their specific recovery goals.

Medication Managment

Medication services are provided to all eligible individuals currently enrolled in Spindletop Center services who could potentially benefit from psychiatric medication to address symptoms related to mental illness. An initial psychiatric evaluation will be conducted with the prescriber to establish a medication regimen. After the initial appointment, routine 15-minute medication management appointments will follow. Prescriptions may be filled through the pharmacy of choice, or at Spindletop Center's South Campus. We offer a Prescription Assistance Program through the East Texas Behavioral Healthcare Network for those who qualify.

Case Management

Case management services are provided to all individuals served by Spindletop Center. Case managers will work collaboratively with you to identify your needs and strengths, monitor your response to treatment, help identify your goals and develop a Person-Centered Recovery Plan. Our case managers will also coordinate care with other community agencies and referrals to offer an individualized approach to your recovery.

Skills Training Services and Adult Psychosocial Rehabilitation

Depending on their eligibility and availability, adult rehabilitation services are provided to clients. We may provide these services at Spindletop Center facilities, or in the home or community of our clients for their convenience. In accordance with the recovery plan, the frequency and intensity of rehabilitation services will vary. You will work with your Mental Health Specialist to learn how to deal with symptoms-related problems that interfere with daily functioning, as well as how to successfully integrate into the community. Examples of skills include communication skills, the ability to manage daily responsibilities and independence, coping with stress and symptoms, social skills, and care coordination.

Supported Housing

Supported Housing services are provided to Spindletop Center clients who need assistance in accessing and/or maintaining a place to live. These services involve assistance with locating a safe and affordable living arrangement as well as working collaboratively with the individual to access local resources and develop skills necessary to maintain liveable housing.

Supported Employment

Supported Employment services are provided to Spindletop Center clients who need assistance in obtaining and/or maintaining employment. These services may involve providing training which helps individuals find and keep employment, as well as offering guidance and techniques to assist individuals so they can better respond to various employment challenges or questions that may arise.

Peer Support

Spindletop Center offers Peer Support services by Certified Peer Specialists. Our peers have a unique approach to recovery by using their own lived experiences to help support and assist individuals to reaching their own recovery and wellness goals.

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24-Hour Toll-Free Crisis Hotline: 1(800)937-8097

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