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Mental Healthy Deputy & Court Liaison Program

Assist, Stabilize and Prevent (ASAP)
Our Mental Health Deputy team, known as ASAP, is a clinically-staffed crisis team that provides prompt face-to-face assessment, intervention, follow-up, and relapse prevention services for individuals in the community. The ASAP team is a partnership with local community law enforcement agencies and consists of a team of licensed mental health peace officers and qualified mental health professionals who respond to persons experiencing a mental health crisis in the community. The ASAP team aims to divert individuals with mental health diagnoses and developmental disabilities from the criminal

justice system, when appropriate, and connect them with necessary services to meet their needs. The ASAP teams serve individuals in the following counties: Chambers, Hardin, Jefferson, and Orange. These services are available between 8:00 pm – 5:00 pm—Monday thru Friday.

Court Liaison Program
Spindletop Center’s mental health deputy team also includes staff devoted to assisting individuals who may be facing legal issues within the local judicial system related to their mental health impairment. Additionally, Spindletop contracts with Chambers, Hardin, and Orange counties to provide mental health services to individuals incarcerated in these local jails. Jail-based services may include screening, assessment, medication management, and other needed services. Our court liaison and jail-based services aim to reduce inappropriate incarceration, reduce recidivism, and provide continuous mental health treatment to individuals to help improve outcomes. 

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24-Hour Toll-Free Crisis Hotline: 1(800)937-8097

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