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Heather Champion, Chief Clinical Officer

Once Heather found her way to Spindletop Center, she didn't delay getting started. As a matter of fact, her first day of work was the day after Christmas...12 years ago!  


Heather's career with Spindletop Center began as an M.Ed. student while attending Lamar University in Beaumont, TX. As the daughter of educators, she had seen first-hand the impact you can make in the lives of others and felt strongly the exposure she was gaining during her internship with the Center was leading her down the path of wanting to help others. "Spindletop Center just happened to be on the approved list of internship sites, but little did I know what the future had in store," said Champion.  Heather completed her internship in the Crisis Respite and Residential Center and graduated with her M.Ed. from Lamar. As fate would have it, one short year later a position opened up at Spindletop Center right back where it all began; the Crisis Respite and Residential Center. While it was a full circle moment for Heather, it was validation that she was in the place she was needed most.      


She spent the next few years working as a case worker and was promoted to the director of the crisis intake center, has lead quality management and business development teams within the organization, making meaningful contributions in each role. Heather says, "I find fulfillment in discovering new ways I had never considered to give back." Each of these positions has allowed her to do just that. Today, Heather serves as the organization's Chief Clinical Officer and prides herself on an open-door policy where stories of success and challenges are shared among colleagues. Transitioning from direct client care to leadership is a big change, but Heather remains committed to being involved through close working relationships with her directors and supervisors. "I love having conversations with them because not only can I lend past experiences, but I get the opportunity to learn from each of them as well," said Champion.  


Heather knows the future of Spindletop Center is bright. She credits the comprehensive care model as one of its greatest strengths for the community and clients it serves, and truly believes "we are stronger as an organization because we have promoted from within."


If you are inspired by Heather's career journey, click here to explore your own #MySpindletopStory

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