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Father and Son
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Child Mental Health Services

Children and adolescents can also experience mental health issues. However, some of the signs and symptoms are expressed quite differently than in adults. While not all symptoms result in a diagnosed mental illness, it’s important to be aware of behavior changes and talk to your child’s doctor about your concerns. Adults may notice some of these common symptoms in children including:


  • Changes in school performance

  • Avoiding friends or social activities

  • Excessive worry or anxiety

  • Hyperactive behavior

  • Frequent or intensifying nightmares

  • Frequent or intensifying outbursts of anger or disobedience


Core Services

Child and Youth Mental Health Services provide child-centered, family-focused, trauma-informed mental health treatment for children and youth between the ages of 3 and 17, and their families.  Individuals in care participate in a full-service array that is tailored to their individual strengths, needs, abilities, preferences, and recovery goals. We provide a variety of developmentally appropriate services.

Care Coordination

Care Coordination services help families create, monitor, and evaluate a care plan and access community resources. Care coordinators serve individuals and families by identifying needs, helping resolve problems, negotiating services, and linking with available resources. Care Coordinators encourage individuals to identify persons they want to be involved in their recovery and services, and they assist in involving family and members of the individual's support network in services as the individual desires. The concept of recovery is central to services, and the involvement of family and developing healthy support systems is a large part of the process. Care Coordinators can facilitate access to medical, social, educational, and other appropriate services and serve as the lead contact for coordinating Spindletop services.

Skills Training

Skills Training is a community-based service that is designed to increase an individual’s ability to cope with mental health symptoms in a more effective way. Examples of some concerns that are addressed through skills training include anger management, social skills, transitional skills for adulthood, and parenting techniques specific to raising children and youth with mental health conditions.

Child Mental Health Resources

YES Waiver flyer

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Child Mental Health Clinic Locations

Beaumont Youth Services

2850 S. 8th St, Beaumont, TX 

Monday - Friday, 8AM - 5PM

Phone:  (409) 839-2200
Fax:  (409) 839-2269

Youth Empowerment Services (YES Waiver)

2850 S. 8th St, Beaumont, TX 

Monday - Friday, 8AM - 5PM

Inquiry Line: 1-844-886-3280

Spindletop Center - SCOPC

3407 57th Street Port Arthur, TX 77640

Monday - Friday, 8AM - 5PM

Phone: (409) 813-8300
Fax: (409) 983-6139

Spindletop Center - OOPC

4305 N. Tejas Pkway Orange, TX

Monday - Friday, 8AM - 5PM

Phone: (409) 883-7074

Fax: (409) 883-7076

Spindletop Center - HOPC

222 E. Durdin Dr, Silsbee, TX

Monday - Friday, 8AM - 5PM

Phone: (409) 880-4600

Fax: (409) 880-4640

Psychiatric Evaluation and Medication Management

Medication services are provided to individuals who could benefit from psychiatric medication to address and alleviate symptoms related to their diagnosis. An initial psychiatric evaluation will be conducted with the prescriber to establish a medication regimen. After the initial appointment, routine follow-up appointments will follow for medication management.

YES Waiver

The Youth Empowerment Services Waiver is a Medicaid program that helps children and youth with serious mental, emotional, and behavioral difficulties. The YES Waiver provides intensive services delivered within a strengths-based team planning process called Wraparound. Wraparound builds on family and community support and utilizes YES services to help build your family’s natural support network and connection with your community. YES services are family-centered, coordinated, and effective at preventing out-of-home placement and promoting lifelong independence and self-defined success.

Eligibility Requirements for YES Waiver

  • Be 3 - 18 years old

  • Have serious mental, emotional, and behavioral difficulties

  • Have a qualifying mental health diagnosis

  • Be at risk of being placed outside of their home due to their mental health needs

  • Meet the criteria to be in a psychiatric hospital

  • Be eligible for Medicaid (parent’s income does not apply)

  • Currently live in a home setting with a legal guardian or on their own

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24-Hour Toll-Free Crisis Hotline: 1(800)937-8097

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