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       Resources and Services : Mental Health Services

Mental Health Services

We Serve People Challenged with:

  • Schizophrenia
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Major Depression
  • Severe emotional crises
  • Substance Abuse problems
  • Difficulty with independent living skills related to mental health issues

Outpatient Services

Outpatient, psychiatric and community support services are the most widely used mental health services offered by Spindletop Center. These services assist adults and children throughout the four-county catchment area who suffer with severe problems ranging from Schizophrenia, Major Depression and Bipolar Disorder to less severe problems such as ADHD. Outpatient therapy allows individuals to work through depression symptoms. For many individuals a more supportive type of mental health help is needed. Community support services and skills training are provided up to 10 hours a month in the home, school or other appropriate settings. The center serves children and adolescents who have serious, emotional and behavioral problems that cause significant disruption in their lives. The target population ranges in ages from 3 to 17. For children and adolescents who need more intensive services, staff offer social, emotional and behavioral skills training by Community Support Service Providers in the consumers home and school environment.

Clinics are located at:

Beaumont – Adult Services            

2750 South 8th Street – Building A
Beaumont, TX  77701
Phone:  (409)839-1003
Fax:  (409)839-1069
Monday-Friday              8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Beaumont – Daybreak Interagency Youth Services (DIYS)

2895 South 8th Street
Beaumont, TX  77701
Phone:  (409)839-2200
Fax:  (409) 839-2269
Monday – Friday    8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Beaumont - Youth Empowerment Services (YES Waiver)

2895 South 8th Street, Building F
Beaumont, TX 77701
Inquiry Line: 1-844-886-3280
Monday - Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Youth Empowerment Services (YES Waiver)

The Youth Empowerment Services Waiver is a 1915(c) Medicaid program that helps children and youth with serious mental, emotional and behavioral difficulties. The YES Waiver provides intensive services delivered within a strengths-based team planning process called Wraparound. Wraparound builds on family and community support and uses YES services to help build your family's natural support network and connection with your community. YES services are family-centered, coordinated and effective at preventing out-of-home placement and promoting lifelong independence and self-defined success. The target population ranges in ages from 3 to 18.
YES Waiver Flyer for Family Members(English)YES Waiver Flyer for Family Members (Spanish)

Crisis, Screening & Assessment

The Intake and Crisis Services program is designed to provide a single point of entry for consumers into Spindletop Center in order to assure rapid and consistent access to crisis and on-going Center services. The program focuses on providing telephone and face-to-face crisis screening and resolution and comprehensive intake assessment to determine eligibility for Center services, develop individualized treatment/service plans and make referrals for internal and external services as appropriate.

Services provided include:

  • Provision of 24-hour crisis screening, counseling and resolution
  • Intake services for MH/IDD adults and children including comprehensive assessment, eligibility determination, referral and individualized treatment/service planning
  • Intake services provided in Beaumont, Port Arthur, Orange and Silsbee
  • 24-hour emergency respite services
  • Emergency food and clothes bank
  • Social Security Disability application assistance
  • Assistance in obtaining disability benefits from the Social Security Administration for adults and children receiving services at Spindletop Center
  • Crisis Hotline 1-800-937-8097

2750 South 8th Street – Building A
Beaumont, TX  77701
Phone:  409 839 1063

The Crisis Residential Center's services are provided by a contract with the Wood Group. The Wood Group provides Assisted Living Services that are designed to provide 24 hour supervision of a resident for an extended stay. Persons who utilize Assisted Living Beds normally will be in the program for an extended amount of time. The length of services is determined by the need of the resident. Residents in this program must be able to self administer medications. All medications are monitored and maintained by trained Assisted Living Staff. Consumers may reside in Jefferson, Hardin, Orange, or Chambers Counties and may exhibit psychiatric symptoms which significantly impair their ability to work or attend school and maintain family or other interpersonal relationships. When a mental health situation, (such as a mental health emergency) arises, the CRC staff may refer consumers to other area community programs or services (such as inpatient hospitalization, PATH, Outpatient Services). Follow-up results of such referrals are documented by CRC staff within seventy-two hours.

Psychiatric Inpatient Services

Spindletop Center arranges for emergency psychiatric services adequate to meet the needs of the four-county area it serves through a contract with The Memorial Hermann Behavioral Health Center.  Mental health emergencies are evaluated promptly and the disposition of each request for inpatient services is based upon professional evaluation and physician consultation.  These services are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to individuals experiencing emotional crises.

As a functioning inpatient crisis unit, The Memorial Hermann Behavioral Health Center provides an array of programs and services of short term duration within a structured residential setting to individuals who exhibit primary psychiatric disorders to such an extent that stabilization in an inpatient setting is warranted.  The primary goal of services is to restore the individual to a level of functioning which will enable discharge to a less restrictive level of care as quickly as possible.

The facility offers short-term voluntary or involuntary services to Jefferson, Hardin, Chambers, and Orange County residents who are in an acute state of mental or emotional crisis.  It provides twenty-four hour physician-directed intensive intervention, stabilization, and pre-discharge
planning for continuing assistance in the community or through the Spindletop Center network.

The facility provides diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients of all ages, including adolescents, young and mature adults and senior citizens.  The illnesses and emotional problems vary widely from mood disorders such as depression, to alcohol or drug abuse induced psychiatric events.  The scope of individual treatment ranges from acute inpatient care to day treatment and outpatient services.

Substance Abuse Services

The Spindletop Center substance abuse treatment programs provide outpatient services. Treatment includes individual, group and family counseling along with aftercare, relapse prevention, education and support groups. Mental health and mental retardation services are offered for the individuals with a dual diagnosis. The target population for substance abuse services consists of:

  • Women who are pregnant and are injecting drug users
  • Women who are pregnant substance abusers
  • Injecting drug users
  • Former SSI recipients disabled from substance abuse
  • Anyone with a substance abuse problem

2750 South 8th Street - Building C Beaumont, TX 77701
Phone: (409) 839-1033 Fax: (409) 839-1067

Community Services

Community Services is composed of seven individualized programs which provide a continuum of services. The programs are targeted toward serving the most vulnerable, at risk consumers who often lack the ability to meet their basic needs. The program provides access to medical, social, educational and other appropriate services that help improve quality of life. All of the programs are available in Jefferson, Orange, Hardin and Chambers counties.

Programs within the Community Services unit include:

  • Assertive Community Treatment providing intensive services to adults with chronic mental illness who are high utilizers of local and state inpatient services such as state mental hospitals.
  • Forensic Community Services serving the people with mental illness or retardation who are involved in the criminal justice system.
  • Supported Housing services provided within each program to adults with chronic mental illness who need assistance with independent living.
  • Adult Community Services providing services to adults with chronic mental illness who need on-going support and rehabilitation services.
  • Community Services Clinic providing psychiatric and nursing services to consumers enrolled in the above programs.
  • PATH is an outreach program to the homeless in the community.

2895 South 8th Street Beaumont, TX 77701
Phone: (409) 839-2241 Fax: (409) 839-2263
Hours vary according to program needs


Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid USA is an 8-hour training to teach participants how to help someone who is developing a mental health problem or experiencing a mental health crisis. The evidence behind the program demonstrates that it helps trainees identify, understand and respond to signs of mental illnesses and substance use disorders.

Mental Health First Aid is intended for people and organizations across all communities. The course is presented to chambers of commerce, professional associations, hospitals, nursing homes, rotary clubs, parent organizations, social clubs, and other groups. Professionals who regularly interact with a lot of people (such as police officers, human resource directors, and primary care workers), school and college leadership, faith communities, friends and family of individuals with mental illness or addiction, or anyone interested in learning more about mental illness and addiction should get trained.

Due to COVID-19 protocols, all MHFA trainings hosted by the Spindletop Center will be hosted virtually. First Aiders will complete a 2-hour, self-paced online class, and then participate in a 6-hour, Instructor-led videoconference. To schedule a class, please contact Haley Riley at (409) 748-5261 or email Haley.Riley@stctr.org.




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