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Our goal at Spindletop Center is to promote an environment of quality customer service in which staff work with pride, integrity, and commitment, and are valued for their individual worth and contribution.

EDUCATIONAL REQUIREMENTS – All applicants must meet the minimum qualifications to be considered for an interview. A high school diploma/high school transcript or GED certificate is needed for the application to be completed. All applicants for positions that require a high school diploma or GED are required to take the Adult Basic Learning Examination (ABLE) test. Applicants who have completed at least one semester (twelve hours) of college are exempt from the ABLE test; however, documentation of such completion must be submitted with the application for the application to be complete. For those positions that require a college degree, license, registration or certification, the applicant must submit current credentials for copying or verification purposes for the application to be complete. Verification of a degree requires a certified/official transcript. An offer of employment cannot be made until a high school diploma/high school transcript or GED certificate and/or a certified/official college transcript is received.

EMPLOYMENT ELIGIBILITY – The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 (S.1200) requires all new employees to submit documents that provide proof of employment authorization and identity. A Social Security card and driver’s license, or similar documents as denoted in the regulations, may be accepted. A valid driver’s license and the ability to be insured by the Center’s insurance carrier are required for employment unless otherwise indicated. Employees who operate their vehicle on center property and/or on center business must show proof of current liability insurance as required by law.

CRIMINAL BACKGROUND INVESTIGATION – Convictions related to any sexual offenses, drug-related offenses, murder, theft, assault, battery, or any crime involving personal injury or threat to another person will make you ineligible for employment.


BACHELOR’S DEGREE REQUIREMENTS – All positions which require a Bachelor’s degree are required to meet the following requirements unless otherwise noted on the posting. Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with a major in social, behavioral, or human services, or RN required. Social, behavioral, and human services degrees are defined to be: psychology, social work, medicine, nursing, rehabilitation, counseling, sociology, human development, physician’s assistant, gerontology, educational psychology, and special education. If an applicant has a Bachelor’s degree in a different field, he/she may still be considered if they have sufficient credits to qualify for a major in one of the degree fields noted above. The number of credits required for a major is based on the requirement of the college or university from which the applicant has obtained a degree. If an applicant wishes to be considered on this basis, he/she must attach a certified copy of his/her college transcript to the application form. Individuals without the appropriate degree will not be forwarded for consideration unless the transcript is attached and the individual does have sufficient credits for a major in one of the appropriate fields.