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       Gladdie P. Fowler

Gladdie Fowler

Spindletop Center sadly announces that Board of Trustees Chairperson Gladdie P. Fowler died Friday. Gladdie served on Spindletop Center's Board of Trustees for 20 years and served as the Chair of the board for 12 years. She was a champion for people with mental health conditions, substance use disorders and intellectual and developmental disabilities. Gladdie also served as the Chair of the Texas Council of Community Centers Board, and she was known statewide for her passion, tenacity and faith.

Gladdie was a retired educator with 44 years of service. She served in a variety of roles in both Beaumont and Port Arthur school districts, including as a teacher, department chair and principal. Over the years, Gladdie has been recognized by many organizations, including being named the Martin Luther King, Jr. Support Group Woman of the Year at the 34th Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day Brunch. She also received the Richard E. Hopkins Community Leader Award at the 2018 Central Texas African American Family Support Conference.

"Gladdie always had a smile on her face when confronted with any difficulty or challenge, and she always reminded us 'HE is in charge'," said Holly Borel, chief executive officer of Spindletop Center. "She was dedicated to our causes and tireless in advocating on our behalf. She has earned her rest. Her loss will be felt in ways we can't even yet fathom."

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