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       Public Policy : Privacy

Confidentiality Notice

Spindletop Center shall protect the right to privacy of individuals served by assuring that all information contained in individual's treatment record is treated confidentially.

Information about individuals served by Spindletop Center whether in the clinical record, or any component of the Center's automated data system, and any verbal information shared between the individual and Spindletop Center staff belongs to the individual. Spindletop Center staff will protect this information from loss, destruction, or unauthorized access. Staff shall provide information regarding the care of treatment of an individual to other parities only with the authorized consent of the individual, or by statutory exception.

Although the individual maintains control of information regarding their care and treatment, Spindletop Center maintains control and possession of the physical clinical record that contains this information. This policy is established to safeguard the rights of Spindletop Center individuals regarding the disclosure of identifying information and to provide guidelines for the release of information in accordance with established local, state and federal regulations.


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